[cq_vc_testimonialcarousel names=”Stephen,Jose,Shameer,Jeramaih” subtitles=”” tbackgroundcolor=”#ffffff” ttextcolor=”#878787″]Hi. I started day trading a couple of months ago and have had ups and downs. Yesterday I tried your ideas on AERI and had my best day yet–more than 2k following the stock. Thank you!

I’m really impressed with the accuracy of your predictions…. and your results. I am enjoying your letters a lot.  Congrats !!! On the other hand, Thanks for the data you sent me yesterday. They are being very useful for me.

Also, I wanted to thank you for offering this service for investors.I’m still a novice and your lessons/newsletters have helped me understand the market better, and they’re making a huge difference in moving me along my path to be a better trader overall.I’ll definitely sign up for a yearly membership once my month is up.Thanks again,Shameer

Hey just wanted to say thanks  for your work! I am beginning to understand your style more so it’s easier to understand your trades. I will be signing up for the year when the month is out


UPstockstrading Newsletter  Service sends five e-newsletters during the week of trading – prior to the market open , providing high probability setups and swing ideas for the day of trading plus weekly lessons.

the weekly lessons try to explain concepts , trading strategies and how to be efficient, consistent trader.

we are not alert service and we are very proud being able provide potential price action with entries prior to the  market open as traders could initiate a position exactly at the entry level and take profits at the target point. a plan.

we are also proud to make it simple , providing clear rules to trade our setups with clear entry points ,targets and stop loss.

Rules for trading these setups :

1.Try to respect as much as possible the entry that is being suggested
2. For a red/green setups (not only)* I would like to see a dip on the morning to the entry point followed by bullish reversal around the level that was suggested then look to enter with the stop-loss that was given (mental stop is recommended), However if the price gaps up to the target point look to short sell the target and cover into the entry point (with high of the day stop-loss). (In general if the price hits our target level before our entry level) *
3. If your entry was hit (or the IF triggered) and you entered the trade but the target didn’t hit on the given day, swing 1/2 of the position.