In UPstocksTrading Newsletter we provide defined trade setups with entry level, target and stop loss. Moreover we provide a trading strategy that is simple and effective to filter the “Good Setups” from the one will probably fail.

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Latest Setups That Were Provided in UPstocksTrading Newsletter


The price entry and first target. Should be heading to the next target in the next upward wave.

18.59% in Two Days


The price hit our entry level and currently 8.4% Higher.

Our Take on The Biotech Sector:

Since we gave our take on the Biotech Sector and AGEN, BLUE trade idea, the biotech sector moved +6% higher, AGEN 10% and BLUE 5%.




The price didn’t hit our entry range ( Lowest entry was 34.1+) but hit both target.

Potential Gain: 8%+




The price hit entry and target.

9% in two days


The price triggered and hit target.

18% in two days.


the price hit entry and target.

5.59% in three days





The price hit entry and stop loss.

-17% in three days


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