We provide in our newsletter predefined setups with entry level, target and stop loss which full-time or part-time traders can follow, Moreover we provide a trading methodology that is simple and effective which filters the “good setups from the ones that will probably fail
Furthermore, we are available during the session for questions and consultation through email and twitter as members can contact us during the trading session for questions on entries, exits and stop losses
Moreover, we send a weekly lesson which try to explain concepts and our trading strategy


We provide predefined Setups using technical analysis to determine entries, stops and targets we also monitor the sentiment in the market to determine the probability of the setups and recent news that could affect the various sectors.

In the newsletter we provide our opinion on the SPY providing potential short term targets and levels to watch for potential trade.




we also overview the biotech sector on daily basis giving our opinion on the sector along with stock setups for potential trade.

Samples  : 




IBB trades23

Along with the overview on the biotech sector we provide setups accordingly :

Samples (NVAX and BLUE in recent newsletter )

BLUE78Sample ( GILD in recent newsletter )


we update our setups whether they targets or stop loss with new potential trade :


we also overview the Energy sector on daily basis giving our opinion on the sector along with stock setups for potential trade.



We also Focus on the Materials Sector giving trades ideas on X, CLF , CENX and others.

Recent Setups on X ( US STEEL)

( Long Setup)


(Short Setup)

( Short Setup)


( Long Setup)


( Long Setup)


CLF Recent Setups :

CLF trades1CLF1244

In The Newsletter we try to provide as less as possible setups as we think watching more than seven stocks a WEEK is total non sense.

Recent Swing ideas for the newsletter :

CEMP12ENDP12DEPO1356RIC swings12AMD123


We also get it WRONG  and setups do hit stop losses and cause losses, I will wrote a blog post ( lesson)  on the JUNO swing and how a profitable setup turned to be a loser.

JUNO original setup :

JUNO trades1

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